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Here at LemmeTryThat, you will find lots of guides and lists for a fun, healthy, and compassionate lifestyle. And don't worry if you are new to something. This is a shame-free place to try something new and be able to say "I tried that!"


Hi, I'm Katharine!

I am a teacher and adore what I do. However, I discovered over time that my worth is not defined by my career, but by the love I have for myself and my life. I didn't know this until I started trying new things from recipes, to hobbies, to even life changes. But every time I said "lemme try that," I learned something great about myself.

As I continue to try something new each week, I notice how hard it is to either come up with an idea or find a resource on how to get started. There are tons of expert websites out there, but there aren't many for newbies like where to park for a hike, or how to eat alone at a restaurant. My goal is to create a place where there is no shame being an adult "newbie" wanting to grow in life with no idea where to begin in trying something new.

Welcome to Lemme!



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