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Would you like me to get things started for you?

Welcome to the Collaboration Corner where I'm happy to do a jump start for you! Set up a free 30 minute consultation call with me below and let's get started.


Things I Can Do for You

  • edit your videos

  • start your website via Wix

  • design your newsletter template

  • fine-tune your branding

  • create your social media account(s)

  • start your YouTube channel

  • design social media or web graphics

  • give constructive feedback on digital content

  • keep you accountable

  • get an LLC

  • ... and more!

We will also determine timeline, pricing, and next steps in the meeting.

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  • Instagram

LemmeTryThat, LLC is a shame-free online resource created by nationally recognized educator, Katharine Hsu, that encourages people to try something new each week for a fun, healthy, and compassionate life. 

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