"Chicken" Fajita Bowl

Total Time:

45 min



  • 2-3 bell peppers

  • 1-2 packages Tempeh

  • 1 large pkg taco seasoning (or make your own)

  • 1/2 cup hot water (microwave is easiest)

  • 1 large onion

  • olive oil

Other Ingredients

  • romaine lettuce shreds (or chopped)

  • rice

  • cilantro

  • 1 can refried beans

  • jalapeños

  • 1 can diced tomatoes

  • guacomole (optional)

  • Corn chips (optional)



  1. Slice bell peppers and place it in a large mixing bowl. Then, slice onions and place in the same bowl.

  2. On medium-high heat, add olive oil into a large pan. When it's hot, add one handful of the onions and cook until translucent.

  3. Crumble the tempeh into the pan so that it looks like ground chicken. Cook and toss for 5 more minutes. Take it out of the pan and set it aside.

  4. Add more olive oil on medium heat. Then, add the rest of the onions in the pan and let it cook for 2 minutes. Dump in the bell peppers and toss occassionally.

  5. Mix taco seasoning with 1/3 cup of hot water. Then, pour it over the bell peppers and onions and make sure it is even mixed in with the veggies.

  6. Add the "chicken" back into the pan and toss and cook until veggies are soft.

  7. Taste it and add salt/pepper if needed.


  1. Cook the rice. (microwaveable frozen bags of rice are easiest)

  2. When rice is cooked, finely chop a handful of cilantro and fold it in with the warm rice.

  3. Heat up the refried beans

  4. In a large shallow bowl, plate each ingredient in the shape of a pie and go around until the whole bowl is filled.

  5. Sprinkle corn chips on top if you'd like. We use blue corn chips.

Bonus Thoughts:

Did you know Tempeh as 19g of protein PER serving and one package of tempeh has 2.5 servings? Insane! It totally challenges the question of where vegans can get their protein. I haven't tried a ton of recipes with tempeh, but with the few I've tried, this is my favorite one. It might be because the taco seasoning is so strong and there are so many ingredients that it sort of blends in, rather than stand out. It is very easy to crumble with your hands so no utensils needed.

The longest part of this recipe is cutting the veggies and cooking the fajita mixture. If you want to further decrease the cooking time, I've seen some already-chopped fajita mixed bags you can buy at grocery stores and skip that tedious step. 

I'm curious what you guys think of this fajita bowl as this is my first time using tempeh to make "ground chicken". We were obsessed with the bowl and loved how filling it was, and it still left us feeling energized and not sleepy! We also doubled the ingredients so that we could meal-prep and we made enough for 5 days for each of us (10 meals total). If you do meal prep, I would keep the romaine lettuce and guac in a separate ziploc bag or container so that you can heat up everything else in the microwave and then add the romaine and guac on top so it stays cold.