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You don't need a ton of money or tech skills to turn a passion into sweet lemmenade.

All you need is the willingness to say, "LemmeTryThat!" And I will help you with the rest. I fumbled my way into creating this business with only chart paper, my laptop and my iPhone. I'll share with you all that I've learned and use my teaching experience to make it digestible and fun for you.

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Meet the founder!

Hi, my name is Katharine Hsu. Welcome to Lemme! I have been an educator for the past 10 years working to ensure our education system creates an equal playing field for all children. And while I love what I do, I have found so many other things I enjoy in life through trying new things. I've learned that trying something outside your comfort zone can reenergize me, give me confidence, and even lead me into a new income-stream!

Being willing to say "lemme try that" has changed my life. It's helped me get unstuck from multiple life situations, and it's helped me find the courage to learn all the things I've learned to start this online brand. Not to mention, I am on a teacher's salary and there were so many times I didn't think I had the money to do it. But, I figured it out!


Now, here's how my two worlds intersect. Through venturing into this business world, I discovered that the issue of unequal playing fields doesn't stop at education, it extends all the way to the corporate world! I noticed how hard it was to learn everything, almost as if other people knew things already or had the money to get someone to do stuff for them. As I dug deeper, I discovered the discrepancy women and minorities, two groups I identify with, have been historically perceived in the business world. Take a look below to see some of the stats I found! For that reason, I want to give people like me access to all the things they need to start an online business, and at an affordable price. Hopefully, this helps make a dent in creating a more equal playing field in the business world so by the time our children grow up, the landscape will be better for them.

Love, Katharine


Out of $85 billion of venture capital dollars, investors only gave 2.2% of it to all-women business teams in 2017, while 79% of it went to all-male teams.


A study by Deloitte & NVCA found only 2% of investment professionals are Black, 1% are Latinx, 15% Asians. This only adds up to 18% of all investors.


40% of male investors say investing in women is not a priority. 31% of white investors say the same for minorities. Women and minority businesses are "twice as likely to perform below market value," they say.


Yet, women-owned businesses lead the market by 2% . The number of minority owned businesses has grown 38%, a rate faster than non-minority owned businesses. This created 7.2 million jobs, despite funding inequities.

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