5 Cool Vegan Ingredients to Try in Your Kitchen

Y'all.....I can't wait for you to watch this week's Try Something Tuesday! As you know, the whole theme of LemmeTryThat is to encourage people to try new things. Well, this includes myself too! Making this website and all the content for it is new for me so I've been literally trying new things every day to see what I like.

I can finally say that I've made a video (the video down below) that I'm super proud to share with you. I wanted to take it all in one shot, not too long, and make it fun and useful for viewers. You don't have to be vegan or have a plant-based diet to gain something from this video. It's about adding some new ingredients to your kitchen toolbox that you may not have ever used before. Spice it up, so to speak!

For any recipes with these ingredients, check out the page, Katharine's Kitchen right up at the top of this page! ^^^^

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