Binge-Watch These 4 Documentary Films

This week's idea is an indoor activity as we are currently all sitting at home in quarantine during this Coronavirus pandemic. I feel like every apartment in my building has Netflix on right now, and we're all going to start off by binge-watching a TV show we've been meaning to catch up on for a long time. But, when you get tired of it, come back to this post and check out some nonfiction, documentary films that are equally as excellent, if not EVEN BETTER than a TV show series. [there's probably a Game of Thrones fan side-eyeing me right now]

Hear me out. These films are told as a story, not like boring text books, and teach you new things about people, the world, and yourself that you can learn in less than 90 minutes some times. I'm definitely nerdy but I do think everyone could enjoy them.

Check out the video below for my 4 top favorite documentary films and why you might like them.

Let's make this the next cool thing to do....binge-watching documentary films. ;)

See y'all next week,