Making #StayHome Bingo Boards

I have really had to stretch my brain in coming up with things to do to stay calm and happy at home as the number of days we need to #stayhome becomes longer and longer. A cool idea I've noticed people doing on social media is sharing Bingo Boards for people to try.

However, I don't like any of them! They're either too short which would make me get bored again, or they don't pertain to me. I made a custom Bingo Board (see below) for one of my best friends, Jenn, and realized that making our own Bingo Board can keep us entertained for much, much longer.

With 4 quick tips, I share in this video how to make your own #stayhome Bingo Board that will keep you entertained. ANNNND, be sure to watch to the end for a special surprise! (wink wink nudge nudge).

Share your created Bingo Boards with us @LemmeTryThat.DC . We'd love to repost and share with others! Don't forget to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos.



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