Make a Get-to-Know-Me Chart

This is one of those ideas that will make you giggle because you get to feel like a kid at home again coloring on giant pieces of paper. This is a chart you can make on your own to give yourself compassion and to be able to tangibly see how many amazing layers of you exists.

This chart was fun and relaxing with just the perfect amount of a challenge that made me feel like I learned something new about myself. So, usually a list has a common pattern such as a "what if..." list where everything you write down starts with "what if...". But, I was curious if those sentences limited my thinking so I left it open-ended with everything starting with only one one word: "I..."

Watch the video to see the two rules I share and a few tips that may help you get started. Hint Hint: If you pause the video, you can take a peek at some truths about me. ;) A little embarrassed about some of them but hopefully it inspires you to really share all about you on your chart!

Happy charting!



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