Why Make Bread

"For me, making bread is a return to simplicity in a time of so much complication."

KATIE, on bread making

"I like bread a lot and wanted to try to phase out the preservatives they use in commercial breads. However, we couldn’t find a bakery out here that made great rustic bread with the crispy crust we like. One day, I decided to follow the Breadit community on Reddit. And then in Illinois, where I live, everyone was talking about Flour Water Salt Yeast , so I bought it and just dove in.

The FWSY book's recipes make enough for two loaves. One to eat and one to share, which is so great. It’s a lovely gesture to bring someone a fresh baked loaf of bread. And after awhile, I have now gotten into sourdough. It’s more challenging and so much fun!

To me, making bread is an exercise in science and learning from failure. It’s great to watch how your bread changes on a rainy day or troubleshoot why it didn’t come out the way you intended. There are many supportive communities online to share your breads and experiences. No one else gets as excited for the crumb shot as other bread makers. (That’s the inside of the bread and the ratio of bread to holes.)"

"I really love how it's a return to simplicity in a time of so much complication. And it tastes so good!

The joy of learning something new and connecting with an ancient practice that has sustained humans for centuries makes me really happy.

Here's a really cool bread-making video for you!"