Ride a Bike at Gravelly Point

This activity might be one of my favorites at the moment simply because I can't believe I hadn't thought if it sooner. I'm sure you've seen the red Capital Bikeshare bikes everywhere in DC for tourists. But, what if these were seen as a cheaper-than-yoga activity for those of us DC people who need to just get a moment for ourselves?

My rationale for why I hadn't thought of it before I think is because DC crosswalks are so busy sometimes that when I see bikes and scooters, I think about needing to be alert. However, I did a little bit of research using the Capital Bikeshare app and found paths that I know are probably traffic and stoplights free.

In this video, I give you an idea of one place you can try for your self-care bike ride and some tips on how to use the Capital Bikeshare bikes.

Heads up: It is important to me that people watching my videos feel like I get you so when I'm on my bike, I am in RAW FORM. In other words, a death sentence for Instagram. But, a self-care bike ride isn't about looking cute, and more about giving some love back to yourself. So here goes nothing!

Now put on some pants and go give it a try! If you see me on the path, wave hello. :)

You're worth the time,