eat vegan at home

  • Full of nutrients, this remix adds a little heartiness to the typical avocado toast.

  • This is the perfect healthy lunch that's easy and looks fancy.

  • So Chinese, so good. I love how many asian dishes are naturally vegan!

  • It's amazing you can make soup with some corn, coconut milk, and hashbrowns!

  • A perfect breakfast in bed idea. It tastes expensive, but is so easy and cheap to make. There is almost no prep involved in it either.

  • This is a perfect light and healthy recipe for the spring/summer time. Make it for yourself, or make it as a pretty finger food for a party.

  • Here's a breakfast (or dinner) scramble that is both vegan, and has more than enough protein and fats to get you through the morning.

  • Did you know tempeh has 19g of protein per serving? Try it with this delicious fajita bowl recipe and see what you think!

  • My boyfriend, who's from Texas, says this is his top 3 fav dishes ever and asks for it almost every day.

  • I grew up with this curry flavor so it's one of my cozy dishes that I've adjusted to make it vegan and hearty.

  • I wanted protein and some greens with a slight asian flavor to it and ended up tossing this together. Turned out pretty yummy.

  • Can you believe this is a 100% vegan burger? It's so colorful, it looks like one of those squeaky hamburger toys we had as kids.

  • Very few people could say they loved eggs more than me before going vegan. When I miss it, tofu scramble is a helluva good replacement.

  • I know this is so basic but I swear my way is cooler and easier. The "cooler" part includes Trader Joes ingredients.

  • Obviously this is a no-brainer but I sadly forgot about it once so this is for anyone that needs a reminder to bring it back.

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