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We all need some zest in our life. This newsletter and the blog posts below are dedicated to keeping your personal life outside of work fresh and engaging. I always gain something from trying something outside my comfort zone. #LemmeTryThat

AS A MOM TO YOUNG KIDDOS during a pandemic, it would be easy to succumb to the fact that finding time for me is too hard. But I’m thankful for stumbling upon LemmeTryThat, because there are a bunch of ideas of things to do that are simple and designed just for me. I’ve built myself a Bingo board, checked out a great documentary on Netflix so far, and this week I’ll try something new!

- LUCY, from Germany

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LemmeTryThat, LLC is the online mentor for people aspiring to turn their passions into online businesses. Katharine, the founder, aims to help women and minorities launch their businesses so that they have an equal playing field to having the job of their dreams. Katharine has a robust teaching background and uses her expertise to create helpful resources, courses, and services for others. 

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