Hi! I'm Katharine Hsu.

I am so happy you're here.

Born and raised in Atlanta, I moved to the DC metro area in 2011 and am amazed that I can still find something new to love about this place each week. I started LemmeTryThat because even though I love where I live, I need a lot of one thing: quality personal time.

When I moved here, I was a teacherholic, so to speak, spending 12-15 hours every day, year after year, planning or doing something to impact education. Whenever someone asked me what my hobby was, I would say teaching. Nothing else. I just loved it! Then the burnout started...it was a fast burn too. On top of that, in 2018, I decided to get a divorce in hopes of a happier future in my personal life. All of this is to say that when I finally moved into my first solo apartment of my own, I had a meltdown. And my proud, stubborn-self didn't know what to do because I had been in the mindset that this was the best decision of my life and things were only going to go up from here.

Yeeeeeah, wishful thinking on my part. See, the problem was my tank was on empty. I mean empty like the-red-light-has-been-on-for-20 miles-and-I'm-going to-ignore-it type of empty. And then there was the other problem where I had no idea what to do with my time living alone. In short, I was both drained and lost.

Being in that low state of wellness was a tough truth to swallow. I had all these educational accomplishments and accolades for what I did with children, and yet I couldn't tell you how to enjoy being on your own for an hour. I used to say it was because the divorce was hard. But getting divorced didn't cause this truth, it simply exposed it. 

I started researching online for things I could do on my own and became frustrated to find mostly social activities in D.C. My issue wasn't about hanging out with people as I already loved doing that. What I wanted was to love hanging out with myself.  I resorted to asking my friends what they enjoyed doing on their own and started trying maybe one new thing a day. Eventually, I started coming up with my own ideas to try and would get excited when I unexpectedly found something I enjoyed.

Fast forward two years and guys....my new belief is that I need personal time. It's the best! It gives me the fuel I need to give to others and more importantly, it gives me a greater sense of value for who I am. Yes, laying on the couch and watching Netflix is still a must-have for me, but I am just floored with how many other things I enjoy doing now on my own. This didn't happen overnight, but I did adopt a mentality of "lemme try that" where I would get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Little by little, my sense of self started to grow

My mission is for us DMV residents to prioritize personal time and have fun trying new things during it. With all that we give to the world here, we can only do it better when we make personal time a daily necessity. Join me as we keep each other accountable for personal time and have fun learning more about ourselves! 

With Love,

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LemmeTryThat, LLC is a shame-free online resource created by nationally recognized educator, Katharine Hsu, that encourages people to try something new each week for a fun, healthy, and compassionate life. 

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